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Vlan24 Global Acceleration Service
Vlan24 Global Acceleration is a single-ended optimization solution that improves the user experience for many kinds of web Applications.
Average wait times and page-loading failures will be significantly reduced. As a result, site visitors can enjoy a much improved user experience which increases revenue and customer loyalty. With the rapid evolution of high-quality media streaming, network gaming, VoIP, live communications and social media, the demand for dynamic content acceleration has increased. Dynamic content is either un-cacheable for some reason or is generated at the time the content is being served from origin. Vlan24 Global acceleration capabilities benefit service providers, large organizations, small and medium businesses, bloggers and consumers.
Vlan24 Global Acceleration Technology
TCP dominates 90% of network traffic. Most of today's popular applications are running on TCP. But as a protocol that was developed decades ago, TCP is becoming a bottleneck due to the fast evolution of mobile devices, cloud computing and web network access technologies. The key problem is that TCP does not adapt well to significant packet loss and latency.
To date, there are three generations of TCP optimization:

  • Loss-based – which seeks to improve standard TCP while still utilizing loss to govern speed
  • Delay-based – which uses queuing delay instead of loss to govern speed
  • Learning-based – which uses analytics and learned session observations to govern speed in real-time

Both loss-based and delay-based TCP optimizations are static in nature because they apply "one-size-fits-all" algorithms to adjust the speed of the transmission and frequency of retransmission across all sessions regardless of the different characteristics of the network paths. While the delay-based approach is an improvement over loss-based TCP optimization, it can be disrupted by small queues in the data path or by frequent latency changes, which is a typical occurrence in mobile networks.

Utilizing the only Learning-based and latest generation of TCP optimization technology in the industry, Vlan24 Global Acceleration is capable of observing session characteristics on-the-fly in order to apply intelligent, session-specific transport optimizations. Vlan24 Global Acceleration is a series of transport acceleration algorithms that improve both speed and stability of TCP connections in a single-ended deployment. Vlan24 Global Acceleration does not replace the standard TCP stack and works in a completely transparent way.

Acceleration Algorithms
The Case for Origin Acceleration
Why doesn't content caching solve today's web performance problems? To accelerate web content delivery, caching technologies are often employed to store static content physically closer to site visitors, to overcome the impact of latency and packet loss.

Today's websites contain increasingly more personalized pages and dynamic content that cannot be cached. When site visitors are far from the source, extra latency and packet loss significantly deteriorate the TCP connections reducing throughput and even causing failures in page loading.

Statistics also show that more people are now accessing popular websites from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Generally, mobile wireless networks tend to create longer latency and more packet loss because of fading radio signals and constantly changing network conditions.

Although caching can still be useful, dynamic content is becoming more and more important to the overall performance of a web application. The static content delivery from the CDN is usually dependent upon the dynamic content coming from the origin in order to be served in a timely manner. Then there is the dynamic content that is served directly to the user from origin, bypassing the CDN altogether. This is content that is generated uniquely each time or content that is too expensive to serve from a CDN like ‘long-tail content” for example. Vlan24 Global Acceleration speeds up both types of dynamic origin content which increases the overall speed of the web application.

Use Cases:

  • Deploy Vlan24 Global Acceleration in application/web servers to accelerate origin content and complement CDN static edge delivery.
  • Stabilize and accelerate video delivery from Vlan24 to end users, especially for long distance users
  • Customer Support portals or Collaboration sites
  • Minimize geographic latency in web applications

Web Application Acceleration:

Todays web applications need to be responsive in order to satisfy users. Web sites are becoming more personalized and interactive with heavier content and if the web pages don't load quickly, users rapidly lose interest and go elsewhere. Caching content close to the users is no longer as effective because of the dynamic content being served from origin by most websites today. Maximizing web performance is essential to every web application whether it is an eCommerce site, B2B portal, a Search site, Video streaming site, social media site or any business with a need for web collaboration. Vlan24 Global Acceleration reduces page load time, increases user productivity, increases revenue, improves search engine rankings and delivers high-performance web-based services and applications.

Mobile Access Acceleration:

More and more users are watching videos, accessing content and playing games on their mobile devices. While high-performance, multi-core processors improve the user experience; the instability of mobile networks can still cause slow response and poor performance compared to a wired network. Vlan24 Global Acceleration can improve the wireless network conditions, and significantly improve the usability of applications for mobile users.

Cloud Acceleration:

Cloud-based services are changing computing and application delivery in significant and fundamental ways. But cloud data is most often accessed remotely and requires high-performance for fast data transfers and responsive applications. Vlan24 Global Acceleration enables users to take advantage of the elasticity of cloud computing without sacrificing performance and it transparently accelerates TCP connections to ensure maximum performance in cloud applications. One of the biggest challenges facing companies that are redeploying applications in the cloud is the latency that is added by increasing the network distance between the application and the users. Vlan24 Global Acceleration in the cloud enables remote applications to behave as if they were local from a performance perspective.

Acceleration Service Test
w/ Aceeleration w/o Acceleration
1G Test File 1G Test File 1G Test File
100M Test File 100M Test File 100M Test File

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